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On the job with Sophie…

Sophie qualified for the Sunshine Tour Championship show at Hickstead which was great news! Never having ridden away from home before, she made the brave decision to enter a higher class than she had qualified for. She was feeling quietly confident and very much looking forward to the day.

On arrival at the show all was going well until Sophie saw the course. Understandably competition nerves kicked in, the arena seemed bigger, jumps higher and horse Murphy, horse, seemed to be in a “strong” mood. Walking the course together gave us the opportunity to move her mind set into a more focused and positive place.

We used lots of imagery with Sophie imagining how she would ride the course at home, how her instructor would ride it, what advice she would give to another rider on riding it. We used lots of techniques to tie up her busy mind and before long Sophie seemed more settled and focused with the right amount of adrenaline in her system. Delighted to say, one happy Horse and Rider finished the course successfully!

Hello Rona.

I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH for today. I absolutely loved having you at Hickstead and couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you sososososososososo much!

Sophie N


Equestrian Psychology





Hi Rona, wanted to let you know you completely sorted me out!! By getting inside my head you helped me recognise the triggers, how to block them in a split second & take the pressure off myself and the horses. Being in control of my focus is really working and allowing me to relax and enjoy my sport once gain. After just one session, you helped me change back to my old self and now the horses are all going brilliantly at showjumping again. Will definitely come back to you when I need tuning up again!!!

Thank you xx

Diani W

Event Rider. (20)

Whoa, you are good! Also, didn’t expect the side effects from the hypnosis!! Feel much calmer in general. Could be addictive. Thank you x

Lynn (51)

Anxiety re Show Jumping.

Rona, I can’t believe the difference! I have never seen my daughter so calm, relaxed and with a smile on her face on her way to a competition.

Thank you so much!

Steve (54)

(Daughter, a dressage rider suffered competition nerves.)

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