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Positive Performance Psychology for riders

As a rider myself, I understand the challenges faced when your team mate is a horse whose default position is to get the “heck out of here” with little regard for other living beings at the first sign of a perceived problem.

Having a well tuned fight and flight response is a great asset when faced with a real life threatening situation, however, when a perceived problem such as a new environment, an umbrella, white boards and basically anything a predator can hide behind sparks of the said response, it can become challenging and at times downright dangerous for not only the horse but the rider.

Managing mindset as a rider is, therefore, crucial as it not only affects how we perform day to day with our horses but also how our horses perform with us. I work with a broad range of riders from professional to keen amateur on various issues such as recovering confidence after a fall, competition anxiety and enhancing performance. I use performance psychology coupled with positive psychology to provide techniques that are fantastic for making a good performance great and giving you the competitive edge!
Hello Rona.

I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH for today. I absolutely loved having you at Hickstead and couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you sososososososososo much!

Sophie N


Equestrian Psychology




Hi Rona, wanted to let you know you completely sorted me out!! By getting inside my head you helped me recognise the triggers, how to block them in a split second & take the pressure off myself and the horses. Being in control of my focus is really working and allowing me to relax and enjoy my sport once gain. After just one session, you helped me change back to my old self and now the horses are all going brilliantly at showjumping again. Will definitely come back to you when I need tuning up again!!!

Thank you xx

Diani W

Event Rider. (20)

Whoa, you are good! Also, didn’t expect the side effects from the hypnosis!! Feel much calmer in general. Could be addictive. Thank you x
Lynn (51)

Anxiety re Show Jumping.

Rona, I can’t believe the difference! I have never seen my daughter so calm, relaxed and with a smile on her face on her way to a competition.

Thank you so much!

Steve (54)

(Daughter, a dressage rider suffered competition nerves.)

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